Eque M, One of the most dedicated designers of our time. He started his company at the age of 25 and created many innovating eyewear. He grew fond of a lot of thing in his stay in California like its culture, their weather, the people’s smiles, and the beauty of nature itself. All those factors inspired him of different colors, great patterns and amazing designs that encouraged him to make his own eyewear brand.

Eque M, founder of Frency & Mercury, has launched a new collection under a new brand using its own name Eque.M. Today, the bold, yet delicate creations of Eque. M, are praised by global fashion leaders in over 30 countries. The brand has become an existence beyond a fashion and functional accessory brand. It is a lifestyle that brings out the gracefulness in each and every fan.

Every Eque.M piece is the accumulation of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, which can only be found in Fukui, Japan. The passion of each and every craftsman, pursuit for the next “Bold and Fearless,” and love for every fan that we encounter, is the story behind every piece. Handmade in Japan by Eque.M. The promise of eternal passion for excellence and craftsmanship.

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